How do you help when there is so much need and suffering?

How do you help without taking advantage of the suffering?

How do you find and support effective programs?

These are questions I've been struggling with while here in Lebanon. There is so much need here and many different organizations and individuals working with the refugees. It can be very overwhelming...but nothing I have experienced and struggled with compares to what many of the Syrian people are struggling with and experiencing.

I don't have any easy answers, but we should all try and do our part to help others...whatever that may look like.

We will continue to find and partner with organizations and individuals working on the ground with the Syrian people. We will continue to support and train these organizations so that they can join us in telling the Syrian story. We will continue to publish stories and do our small part to tell the Syrian story.

You can help. Join the movement, spread the word, and ask us how you can get involved.


Here is a little touch of happiness to inspire:

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