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We give a voice to those without a voice. We tell the stories of those the world has forgotten.

Our Mission:

Educate. Empower. Inform.

Our mission is to give a voice to those around the world who are struggling and hurting. To document the needs. To develop and support effective solutions and interventions.

Through the power of creative digital media, education, innovation, research and training we can make a difference. You can make a difference.

Our Programs

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Stories: An Animated Series

A series of animated stories written by the community we support. Learn more on how you can support and become a Patron by visiting our Patreon site.


Voices for Syria

Learn more about those impacted by the ongoing conflict in Syria through photos, videos, stories and art.



We are partnering with schools in Iraq and Syria to help provide resources and support as they rebuild. More details coming soon!


Purchase amazing photos, videos, graphics, etc created by our community of talented artists and supporters. The proceeds go directly to support the communities the artist is from. More details coming soon!


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