An update

I've met a Syrian doctor trying to find work in Lebanon. He is concerned that if he returns to Syria he will be forced to serve in the military. A kind and loving person in a difficult situation.

I've met the amazing founders of Mobaderoon and are working with them to develop their communications strategy. We will be doing a media workshop in a few weeks for some of their leadership and media people within Syria.

I've seen people on the streets of Beirut, many Syrian, with little hope. You can see the loss in their eyes.

I've met with an exciting new Lebanese NGO called Rescue Me. Their background is in working with terrorists and criminals in Lebanese jails, and are now using their expertise and passion to work with children and youth from Syria, many of whom have significant PTSD. We will be partnering with them to help tell their story and the stories of the many kids they work with in their summer camp program.

I heard a story from Rescue Me about one of the girls they are currently working with. She is 13 years old and from Syria. She witnessed the bombing of a building next to her home and saw the carnage that was left behind. She then witnessed an extremist group brutally kill many of the men in her neighborhood and place their heads around her school. She now struggles with extreme PTSD. She loves art and wants to be an engineer to help rebuild her country.

Spread the word, support the movement and stay tuned for updates and new stories from Mobaderoon, Rescue Me and others!

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