Onward to Beirut

I want to thank everyone that has supported this project thus far, it means a lot!

I am currently sitting in the Istanbul airport waiting for my flight to Beirut. Tired and unsure how the project will go, but ready to get there and see where things lead.

It is an odd feeling to have put so much work into the Voices project and still have no idea how it will go. I've connected with some great people already in both Lebanon and Jordan and I look forward to meeting everyone in person.

There are many questions floating through my head and some doubts...

But I also know that most things truly worth doing are challenging. And so I set off with a humble heart, hoping that I can use my skills and experience to help in whatever way I can.

However the Voices for Syria project turns out, and whatever it eventually becomes I hope this project will be used to help.


We must become the change we want to see.
— Ghandi
Tim Shephard1 Comment