Training Workshops

We offer training workshops and seminars in the areas of media communications, research evaluation and program development. These workshops and seminars range in length and are customizable based on your organization's needs.

We will also work with you on pricing based on your organization's needs and available resources, and offer a limited number of free and discounted workshops every year.

If your organization is interested please fill out the contact form below.

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Workshop Feedback

Our most recent workshop was in Lebanon with Mobaderoon, a Syrian NGO, and was considered a great success by the 23 participants. Every participant anonymously reported that the workshop was useful for their organization’s work in Syria.

Ninety-one per cent of the participants also anonymously stated that they learned useful skills regarding media and communications.

Photos and Testimonials

This is a video testimonial from one of our awesome media communication workshop participants.
Another video testimonial from one of our amazing media communication workshop participants.